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Watt's Radiant Heating
Imagine the floor of your house the warmest surface, not the coldest. Radiant heating is an efficient, quieter, and cleaner way to heat your home. Radiant systems conduct heat through the floor which broadcasts heat to cold objects in the room. Light is the same form of energy as radiant heat therefore, it gently and quietly "illuminates" your room warmth. [more..]

viessman hot water tank

Vitocell Hot Water Tanks
Increase your comfort level and save money at the same time with a new Vitocell tank from Viessmann. The Vitocell tanks offer fast recovery rates, low standby losses and large water volume. The large heat exchanger surfaces of the Vitocell tanks extend right to the tank bottom and ensure an abundant supply of hot water and even water temperatures all day long.  The head exchanger coils are arranged for efficient venting and draining and facilitate start-up and smooth operation.  Viessmann offers Vitocell 300 and 100 models. The 300 is made of a high-alloy stainless steel, are extremely hygienic and are known for their operational reliability and log service life. Learn more about the Vitocell 300. The 100 models are an economical choice for efficient domestic hot water production. The 100 models are made of steel with a Ceraprotect two-coat enamel finish and a consumable anode to protect against corrosion. Learn more about the Vitocell 100.

Vitodens 200 Wall-Mounted Condensing Boiler
The Vitodens 200 is a reliable high-quality wall-mounted condensing boiler. The newly developed Inox-Radial heat exchanger surface of high-alloy stainless steel and the modulation MatriX-compact gas burner make for maximum energy usage with minimum emissions and small space requirements. Click here for the complete listing of benefits.

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